Our Owner

Nathaniel "Woody" Woodhull

Nathaniel brought together the best in the business to create his dream construction company and now he is adding the Florida Certified Roofing Contractor designation to his credentials and his business.  

He opened JMiller Building Company, Inc in 2004 right here in Bonita Springs, Florida.    

Today he is combining all his companies under one umbrella of JMiller HomeServices, LLC.  with JMiller Building Company, 

JMiller HomeWatch, & BonitaRoofing.Com as his latest addition!

He has been living and working for himself in Bonita Springs, Florida since 1998 

starting as a Municipally Licensed Finishing Contractor in 1999  and receiving his 

Florida Certified Building Contractor, November 2004.

And now, passing his Florida Certified Roofing Contractor April 2019 while at home recovering from Prostate Cancer.  

He is so grateful to be of service to his community and "cancer-free".  


He has a passion for quick, efficient, and transparent repairs to your home and  to any storm damaged homes.  

He wants to restore and upgrade your home as quickly as possible for you! 

He believes in Southwest Florida and wants to help you make your home storm ready.   Going through Hurricane Charley in 2004 was terrifying as the outer bands passed over his home right here in Bonita Springs.  He knows how it feels to be ready and not so ready.  

Send the contact form today and get your home assessed.  

He takes pride in all aspects of the Design-Build experience, he loves Design Renovations &  Design Remodeling, 

and now, he is adding Roofing to capture the true collaboration and continuity in your build or remodel experience.  

Drop him a line today on the contact form back on the home page!